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Since moving to Europe in her early twenties to pursue a career in fashion design, founder and creative director Chassandre Lavictoire has designed for major labels in Paris, New York, and Vancouver. Inspired from a young age by turn-of-the-century aesthetics and the Arts and Crafts movement, it was while designing her own wedding dress that she decided to start Lavictoire. 

In Chassandre's words, she saw an "opportunity to meld a lifetime of passion and inspiration with experience designing high-quality garments, creating adaptable, ethically-produced solutions for some of the challenges faced by modern brides."

Every Lavictoire wedding dress is made to order in our studio in Victoria, Canada. Designed for romantic ladies seeking to redefine the classic look, we make dresses that are naturally whimsical and structurally sober, focusing on the fine details that make every style unique.

Influenced by our home on the west coast, simplicity and comfort are at the core of Lavictoire wedding gowns. We want brides to feel playful, relaxed, and free. We believe the most alluring quality a woman can have is confidence—and confidence is worn with comfort.

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